Zinger Chair with Lever Controls
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Zinger Chair with Lever Controls

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Zinger Chair is lightweight. While other chairs claim to be the lightest, Zinger Chair weighs in at just 47lbs. including the battery!  The most portable and easiest to fold carry and simply slip behind the front seat of your car, Zinger Chair folds to a mere 10″ and loads easily into your car’s trunk, or back seat on the floor, just behind the front seat. The lightweight, collapsible chair comes fully assembled with a lower basket. Seat and cushion is available in your choice of black, blue, or bright green. All aluminum components are anodized in bright satin silver. Each Zinger Chair includes one Li-ion 6.6 AH removable Battery Pack and Charger. The steel mesh basket can remain in the Zinger even when folded. While the Zinger is only sold with arm rails, you can easily removed if you do not wish to use them (simple instructions and the appropriate Allen wrenches are included with your purchase.) Zinger Chair weighs 47lbs. with the battery and folds to 10 inches. 

Meet the future of your personal transportation.

More and more Americans are reaching the age where mobility is an everyday issue. Whether from an injury or from the everyday aches and pains that come from getting older– getting around isn’t as easy as it used to be. You may have tried a power chair or a scooter. The Zinger is NOT a power chair or a scooter! The Zinger is quick and nimble and best of all, it weighs only 47 pounds and folds and unfolds with ease so you can take it almost anywhere, providing you with independence and freedom.

Designed right here in Virginia by innovative engineers, the Zinger is a mobility device that is truly unique. They created a battery that provides powerful energy at a fraction of the weight of most batteries. The Zinger features two steering levers, one on either side of the seat. The user pushes both levers down to go forward, pulls them both up to brake, and pushes one while pulling the other to turn to either side. This enables great mobility, the ability to turn on a dime and to pull right up to tables or desks. The controls are right on the steering arm so it’s simple to operate, and its exclusive footrest swings out of the way when you stand up or sit down. With its rugged yet lightweight aluminum frame, the Zinger is sturdy and durable yet lightweight and comfortable! What’s more, it easily folds up for storage in a car seat or trunk– you can even gate-check it at the airport like a stroller.

With 3 speed settings, the Zinger is your indoor and outdoor mobility solution allowing you to ride on several terrains from smooth surfaces, carpet, grass, and more… Think about it, you can take your Zinger almost anywhere, so you don’t have to let mobility issues rule your life. It folds in seconds without tools and is safe and reliable. It holds up to 275 pounds, and it can go up to 6 mph and operates for up to 8 miles on a single charge.

Why spend another day letting mobility issues hamper your independence or quality of life?

NOTE: The Zinger Chair is a personal electric vehicle and is not a medical device nor a wheelchair, and has not been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for review or clearance. Zinger is not intended for medical purposes to provide mobility to persons restricted to a sitting position. It is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

    Product Specifications:

    • Overall Weight: 47 lbs including battery
    • 275 lbs. weight capacity
    • Dimensions (not folded): 31″L x 25″W x 35″H
    • Dimensions (Folded): 36″L x 25″W x 10″H
    • Seat Bottom: 15″L x 16.5″W x 19″H (measured from floor)
    • Foot Plate: 10.25″W x 2.75″H (height above floor)
    • Motor: DC 36V, 250W, 7A
    • Battery: 36V, 6.6 AH, 240 watt-hour, Lithium-Ion 4 Lbs (1.8Kg) highest quality cells
    • Charger 2.1A, Automatic, input 100-240V, charge time 4 hours or less
    • Steering/Braking System: Two Lever Controls (hardened steel on tire brake / knurled roller on tire drive)
    • Frame: 6061 Aluminum, Silver Anodized and Nylon Composite
    • Front Wheels: 6 inch Non-Marking Solid
    • Rear Wheels: 9 inch Non-Marking Air Filled (40PSI / 2.8BAR / 275kPa)
    • Anti-Tip Wheels: 50mm PU Solid
    • Range: 8 Miles (13 Km) flat straight course, 5-6 mile typical outdoor use
    • Speed Low Range: 0-1 mph for indoors on smooth floors
    • Speed Medium Range: 0-3 Mph for outdoors walking pace
    • Speed High Range: 0-6 Mph for hill climbing or mowed grass
    • Reverse: 0-1 Mph
    • Maximum Incline: 10 Degrees (ADA compliant wheelchair ramps are 5° max)
    • Turning Radius: 24 inches
    The Zinger Chair is a personal electric vehicle, not considered to be a medical device.

    Zinger Chair Highlights:

    • Fun to ride. Easy to take anywhere
    • Pulls under tables and desks (others don’t)
    • Folds to 10” in less than a second
    • Fits in any car (2 fit in a Mini Cooper)
    • Airline compatible – checks like luggage
    • Weighs only 47 lbs.
    • Up to 8 Mile range
    • 275 lb. weight capacity
    • 3 Speeds for indoor/outdoor use
    • Reverse Mode

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