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Safe, affordable accessibility is within your reach.

Whether you want to know every little detail on our Trus-T-Lift.  If you are just looking to get the job done and with expertise, RAM would be happy to help you. TrustyLift has spent over 30 years working with elevating devices.  You mayl likely even be able to arrange for someone to come and do a free assessment to confirm what you are working withm with the right options onfigured.

Trustlift understands that you will be using your Trus-T-Lift for many years, sometimes decades, by the people who purchase them and we want to make sure that we support you, in any way we can. Trus-T-Lift will continue to support you even after installation, as we have done with literally thousands of other people who have chosen to use their wheelchair lifts, platform lifts, commercial or residential elevators.


Wheelchair Lifts

Trus-T-Lift™ Home Wheelchair Lifts – breaking through mobility barriers

If you or someone in your home uses a wheelchair, moving from room to room presents a challenge. Access to upper and lower levels, both indoors and outdoors, is difficult without relying on some type of assistance. Residential wheelchair lifts give you the freedom and convenience to move around your home. Whether you are in a wheelchair, have trouble with stairs or are operating a scooter RAM can help you with your accessibility challenges.

Wheelchair Lift Controls


Built-in safety features put you in control

Every Trus-T-Lift™ is equipped with a straight-forward, easy-to-read control panel. TrustiLift patented Soft Touch Controls and simple emergency precautions give you piece of mind while operating your house wheelchair lift.

The non-slip metal platforms, high-sided safety rails and reinforced wheel-guards reduce the risk of injury. The wheel-guards flip up to prevent rolling while the lift is in use. 

Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts

Trus-T-Lift™ Residential lifts – resilient and durable in the harshest of climates

Structurally solid, vertical home platform lifts are versatile and durable. Built to withstand even the coldest of North American winters, our reliable outdoor wheelchair lifts have flood-proof technology and can be trusted in temperatures as low as -40ºC due to our proprietary “Zero Load” start up technology that not only avoids cold weather issues but also increases the life of your lift.

Installing a wheelchair lift beside an elevated porch or patio, gives you the freedom to come and go. 

Trus-T-Lift™ Portable Lifts – Make your school, theatre, or church accessible to everyone.

Festival planners, church committees, education facilities and sporting events can use portable platform lifts as part of their accessibility strategy. This way, individuals who rely on the use of a wheelchair, scooter or assisted walking device can safely and comfortably access these areas as needed while the facility can more easily have access flexibility.

*Please note: portable applications are limited to a lift height of 52in and 550lb lift capacity for safety reasons. 

Please review RAM’s guidance on Where a Portable Lift is Acceptable to help you understand usage. 

Lightweight materials make transport easy

Trus-T-Lift™ Portable platform lifts are lightweight and sit on wheels that can be unlocked for easy transport.  These features help to move portable lifts to and from multiple locations. Just store away when not in use.

Safety first

RAM Manufacturing believes in adhering to the highest standards of safety in mechanics and technology.

For portable lift product specifications and any questions you may have regarding portable lifts, please feel free to contact us at 800-308-2503.


Portable Trus-T-Lift VPL

Portable lifts are limited to 52″ travel height.


Although a portable vertical platform lift is not governed by any specific safety code (to our knowledge at the time of writing) they do exist and, in the opinion of RAM, they fill a need for some applications where a permanent solution is not really practical or required. In many cases these applications are indeed for public/ commercial uses rather than private residential uses.

RAM continuously tries to ensure safe use of our products and the following points should be considered when evaluating whether a portable Trus-T-Lift™ is a good fit for your application. 

  1. A portable unit can only be used in circumstances where the travel height required is less than 52in. We limit it this way as we feel this is an acceptable range to ensure stability with the load  at the elevated position.
  2. The minimum travel height a Portable Trus-T-Lift™ can be used for is 24in. This is due to the upper toe plate ramp extension being automatic so that a user can get off easily at the top landing. Standard Trus-T-Lift™ units for permanent installation can have travels as small as 4in.
  3. The load you can lift is limited to 550lb capacity. Again, this is for stability and safety even though the portable design contains components that are rated to a working capacity of 750lb and      tested to far more than that.
  4. The intended use is for the lift to be move in place for a specific need or event and returned to storage after that use, it is not intended to have the lift sit in one place for an extended period of time.
  5. You should not simply be looking for a way to avoid paying for permits, inspections, and other related costs for a commercial lift that will stay in one place for long periods.


Examples of cases where a portable Trus-T-Lift™ makes sense (from our perspective) are:

  • School, Church and community center gyms/ stage environments where they have limited space and only expect to use the lift a few times a year and then frequently store it while the space is used for other purposes
  • Temporary structures at banquet halls where a stage structure is not a permanent fixture
  • Buildings where several locations may be required (still on an infrequent basis) and they do not want to install several lifts but simply roll the portable out of storage to the required location when needed

In Addition, the Portable Trus-T-Lift™ can be equipped with as many safety features as required by any local authority and RAM counsels anyone who is intending to use this lift that they should check with local authorities prior to purchase to ensure they are not going to encounter resistance.


At the end of the day, RAM is sincerely trying to help people with mobility challenges by providing innovative products and we believe the Portable Trus-T-Lift™ represents a good solution to an accessibility problem in some circumstances.


What is the difference between a Commercial and Residential Wheelchair Elevator Vertical Platform Lift?

Commercial elevators are installed in public buildings and have to follow specific commercial codes. Residential elevators are installed in private residences and follow a specific residential elevator code.

Trus-T-Lift comes in standard travel sizes of 28″, 52″, 72″, 96″, 120″, 144″ and 168″.

Every Lift that RAM produces is made with a manual override system that can be used to raise or lower the platform in the event that you have no power available. Even better than that you can also purchase a “Tower of Power” back up system and then you never have to worry about that.

The Trus-T-Lift is one of the quietest lifts on the market today. This is accomplished through having a drive system that is very simple as opposed to hydraulic or friction V-belt drives that can stretch causing slippage and belt squeal.

The Trus-T-Lift is equipped with safety systems to avoid causing damage to the system or something beneath the platform for exactly this concern. The platform will come to a stop safely before any damage occurs.

The RAM Trus-T-Lift product can be used in many applications such as home porch lifts, schools, churches, community centers, commercial buildings, both inside and outside, for flood location applications where your house or building is on stilts, in extreme climates such as the Canadian North and Coastal Areas of the USA

The expanded metal platform is a practical and sensible alternative to protecting the area underneath the platform and is code compliant for residential use in some North American jurisdictions. Essentially the expanded metal platform gives the user full visibility of the area underneath the platform allowing them to stop the carriage should they notice an object in the travel path. It is comparable to driving a power wheelchair or scooter where the driver must be aware of persons and or objects in their travel path.

Platform size is important as it will allow you and your wheelchair or an attendant if necessary to ride the lift comfortably. RAM offers a wide range of platform sizes with a standard size of 34″ x 54″ for the Trus-T-Lift. Please call 800-308-2503 for information on our full platform size range.

The weight rating of a RAM product means that you can have a total weight of people and equipment in addition to any of the options you outfit on your lift. So, if a rating says 750lb on the equipment then no matter whether you have a solid platform with safety pan or just an expanded metal platform the lift will still raise 750lb. That being said the design functions best when you load the lift from the center as opposed to offset (for instance your elderly 110lb person near one edge and a 400lb person at the other is not recommended)

Talk to us about your outdoor lift requirements today

RAM Manufacturing is one of the most trusted lift manufacturers in North America, supplying ADA-approved lifts that will meet your needs for accessibility.

If you’d like to get an outdoor lift for your home, call 800-308-2503 today.  

Outdoor Lifts

Trus-T-Lift™ – Access your porch or deck with an outdoor lift

Sometimes mobility issues can prevent people from enjoying the outdoors. Accessing a deck or verandah can become a safety hazard when ascending or descending even the smallest flight of stairs.

By installing an outside deck or porch lift, you can easily come and go in your home.

Trus-T-Lift™ Porch lifts can be configured to heights up of 14 feet

Outdoor lifts from RAM can be used in numerous applications. Some examples are multi-level decks, porch access, flood plane home access, and accessibility.

Well built to withstand extreme weather conditions

Designed for extreme heat or cold, Trus-T-Lifts™ are reliable, durable and work year-round in all weather conditions.

The electrical and mechanical systems are flood-proof and located above the top floor level, which is why RAM’s Trus-T-Lift™ has become the outdoor lift of choice used in a number of the Gulf Coast rebuilding projects as well as for house raising application in the North East United States.


Smooth, quiet transitions to any space

Trus-T-Lift™ Wheelchair lifts for your home are safe and eliminate the need to transition in and out of your wheelchair, particularly in rooms with limited space. Powered with Trus-T-Lift geared belt system that avoids belts slippage, their TrustyLift quiet ADA-compliant platform lifts provide a smooth, secure move from floor to floor and can elevate as high as 14 feet to circumvent troublesome stairwells.



Wheelchair lifts are convenient and compact

Residential wheelchair lifts raise you from the ground up and are easy to install. The compact design of a Trus-T-Lift™ is an attractive alternative to cumbersome ramps, which take up significant living space. A home wheelchair lift is an affordable solution and quickly puts you back in control without having to invest in costly home renovations.


Trus-T-Lift 750 Installation Manual – effective Oct 2016

Trus-T-Lift 750 Owners Manual – effective Oct 2016

Trus-T-Lift Limited Maintenance Manual – Effective Oct 2016

Example Drawing – TTL750

Link for Video on Concrete Anchor Installation

Carriage Gate Interlock Setting Procedure

Smart Relay Control Manual (For Canadian Commercial Units and Select USA Units)

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